21 Savage Said It’s ‘Difficult’ Dealing With The Attention He’s Gotten Since His ICE Arrest

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So far, 21 Savage has been one of the most discussed rappers in 2019, ever since he was arrested by US Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) back in February. His situation has generated a lot of discussion about ICE and US immigration policies in general, and while Savage is all for doing some good, he’s not somebody who craves attention. In face, he said in a new Billboard story that adjusting to the increased level of focus on him has been a challenge.

In the piece, he described himself as a “low-key person who just likes to stay out of the way,” and said, “I went from just being regular to my life being in the lens 24-7. That’s the difficult part.”

Furthermore, Kei Henderson, who co-manages 21 Savage alongside Justin “Meezy” Williams, said that 21 Savage and his team look for ways for him to have an impact without having to make himself the center of attention, saying, “He understands that people are intrigued by him and his story, but his goal is to support the music and do things like sponsor sports camps. We’re finding ways to show people what he’s about without him doing a bunch of interviews, because that’s not his style.”

21 Savage also described being in ICE custody, saying that the worst part was not knowing a lot about his situation: “The worst thing was sitting in there not knowing what was going to happen, or when it’s going to happen. Whenever I went to jail before, it was, ‘You’re being charged with this and going to court on this date.’ But immigration ain’t like that. You’re just being held.”

It’s also worth noting that the article says 21 Savage has about “two albums’ worth” of unreleased songs, although he’s “in no hurry to put them out.”

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