House DJ 3LAU Pledges The Proceeds From His Island-Faring ‘Star Crossed’ Video To Hurricane Relief

Las Vegas-based DJ and electronic dance music producer 3LAU (pronounced “Blau”) isn’t yet a household name like Skrillex, Diplo, or Marshmello, which makes it all the more admirable that he’s pledged the profits from his latest single, “Star Crossed,” to a worthwhile cause. All proceeds from the single and its accompanying, tropical island-hopping music video will be donated to hurricane relief efforts in Houston, Texas and Puerto Rico.

Released in September via 3LAU’s own non-profit record label BLUME, which raises money for various charitable causes with each release, “Star Crossed” has already garnered over 1.6 million streams on Spotify, which isn’t bad for an indie DJ who’s only been touring for around five years. The video — directed by travel videographer Rob Strok — features a clever misdirect rooted in the lyrics of the song; while it looks like the protagonists will meet and fall in love while traveling similar paths on their respective journeys across scenic Kauai, they never actually do.

“The video is meant to encourage others to explore and to enjoy the journey,” says 3LAU of the stunning visual. “It is important to recognize the beauty in feeling lost sometimes, in life or in love.”

The song’s chorus holds the key: “We’re not star-crossed lovers,” sings the female vocalist, because the “lovers” in the song may not have ever even met. Likewise, the pair in the video aren’t star-crossed lovers either; instead of finding each other, they merely pass each other by to wind up finding themselves.