50 Cent Saw ‘All Eyez On Me’ And He Thinks It’s ‘Bullsh*t’

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All Eyez On Me has gotten mixed reviews on it’s first day in theaters — and you can count 50 Cent as someone who probably won’t be watching again. The G-Unit mogul took to Instagram to let fans know how he felt about the film, calling it “bullsh*t:”

What exactly does he have an issue with? 50 wasn’t specific on what elements of the movie disappointed him, but in the post’s comment section he held fast that “they f*cked it up” and said 2015’s Straight Outta Compton was a better movie. He also said that after John Singleton, who was removed from All Eyez On Me director duties, said the film was “wack,” he had to see it for himself. Now he wants his money back.

Perhaps after the success of Power, 50 has likened himself a connoisseur of film and TV –- or maybe his harsh criticism is just about beef, because, well, it’s 50 Cent. Last August, 50 Cent had some words for All Eyez On Me producer LT Hutton over the rights to cover the upcoming BMF film. Hutton had the rights to do a movie about the Atlanta-based drug crew, but 50 acquired rights to do a TV series. And since Hollywood is so stingy about Black projects, the two may feel like only one or the other will get green-lighted.

Whatever the case, we know how 50 gets about needling people he has conflict with (especially when money’s involved), so we have to take his review with a grain of salt. And for the record, don’t fire stick the movie. If you want to see it, step out and support it so future rappers can have films like All Eyez On Me and 50 Cent’s own Get Rich Or Die Tryin.