50 Cent’s Hilarious Review Of Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Deems It ‘Golf Course Music’ And ‘Ivy League Sh*t’

50 Cent weighed in with his thoughts on Jay-Z’s new album 4:44 — and they’re as shady as you’d expect. 50 took time out of his day to give a front seat review of the album, saying he thought it was “alright,” but also that it was “too smart” and sounded like “Ivy League sh*t.”

“I felt like I needed glasses and sh*t, and a f*ckin sweater around my waist” 50 said of the album’s ideal listening conditions. Even though he seemingly couldn’t deny the quality of 4:44, the shoutout sounded typically backhanded. Maybe the flashy 50 is one of the rappers salty at Jay-Z for clowning “money phones.” Maybe he interpreted Jay’s line on “Bam“ as “we got Effen’s too,” and was throwing a shot back. Or maybe we should just heed his sociocultural postulate: “n*ggas is high out here.”

He expressed that the young generation listening to Migos and Future aren’t trying to hear anything about Black empowerment and just want to have a good time. “You can’t be the hottest rapper at 47,” 50 said before saluting Migos and Future, two beacons of what’s been forcibly deemed “mumble rap.” He ended the video off by saying the album sounded like “golf course music,” a doubledown on his previous theory that Jay was a “pass the grey poupon ass n*gga” on 2009’s “I Go Off.”

Who knows what the ulterior motive is behind 50’s backhanded post, but considering how bad he sh*t on the Tupac biopic, maybe Jay should take this as a ringing endorsement.