50 Cent Reportedly Tried To Hire A Lawyer For Tekashi 69 After His Arrest

In the wake of Tekashi 69’s arrest and in accordance with hip-hop’s admittedly malleable “stop snitching” policy, one of 69’s earliest supporters, 50 Cent, changed his tune on his vocal support for the rainbow-haired troublemaker. Stopping by The Breakfast Club this morning for an interview, he denied speaking to the incarcerated viral star, saying he wouldn’t pick up if Tekashi called.

However, while 50 Cent has apparently disavowed 69 in the media, Isaac Wright Jr., a lawyer associated with 50, disputes 50’s version of events, saying that the Queens rap vet initially tried to help Tekashi out of his sticky situation when the news of his arrest first broke. Wright, who was once wrongfully convicted of being a New York drug kingpin only to use the legal knowledge he gained while in prison to successfully appeal his sentence and eventually earned his legal license in 2017, is the subject of an upcoming television series depicting his life and a close associate of 50 Cent, who is producing the show.

Wright posted about the interview on Instagram, writing that 50 wanted him to represent Tekashi, but that Tekashi rejected his assistance, signaling that he had already cut a deal to cooperate with authorities. “The behind the scenes TRUE STORY that did not come out on the @breakfastclubam interview is that @50cent tried to help 69,” he wrote. “50 called me and asked me to represent 69. I went to check him at MDC in Brooklyn. When I got there, they gave me an excuse that he was in Court then immediately transferred him to Queens detention. When I went to Queens, 69 refused to see me. That’s when it was clear he was cooperating. Sad part is, he didn’t have to do that. I would have got him off without him having to sell his soul…”

Whether or not that part of the story is completely accurate, 69 is set to take the stand against one of his former associates later this month.

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