A New York Jury Has Seen The Sex Tape That Could Cost 50 Cent Millions

06.17.15 3 years ago 13 Comments

In 2009, 50 Cent saw his demise on the horizon. As he prepared for the emergence of rivals like Kanye West, and eventually Rick Ross, Curtis Jackson sent warning shots at his perceived competition that sometimes went beyond the pale.

One of those tactics was the release of a sex tape of Lastonia Leviston, the mother of Rick Ross’s child, allegedly without permission. Leviston has filed suit against the Queens rapper in a case that could cost Curtis Jackson millions. On Tuesday, jurors on the trial saw a 30-second snippet of the tape:

Leviston has sued 50 Cent for allegedly violating her civil rights and causing her emotional damage by releasing on his website an altered version of what was supposed to be a private sex tape. The video was shot by Leviston’s then-boyfriend Maurice Murray — and it depicted her in skimpy lace panties and a silky top saying, “This is my first movie, hopefully my only movie,” as the 30-second clip got more graphic.

Fitty, who hasn’t shown up at the legal proceedings, made a brief cameo in the opening seconds of the video as alter ego “Pimpin’ Curly.”

Dressed in a long curly wig, 50 Cent briefly addressed the camera — mocking Leviston in a falsetto voice — while sitting at a vanity table.

Fitty doctored the video to insert his character in the opening moments of the sex tape, Leviston’s lawyers have said.

The full video was promoted on 50’s website, as well as numerous porn sites, and was supposedly intended as a shot at Ross. Jackson has countered that he thought Leviston was fine with the tape going public.

Rick Ross and 50 have since walked divergent roads, with Rozay remaining relevant as a rapper and 50… well, 50’s still this antagonizing villain character. While this litigious end is as predictable as G-Unit reunion songs, it doesn’t quite capture how many bridges 50 Cent has burned, or how many dirty footprints now follow him.

The case offers insights into 50’s downfall: He never set out to be well-liked, but the Pimpin’ Curly persona, with his malicious jokes and juvenile taunting, is an embarrassing addition to Jackson’s shaky ego. This feud should be over, but its ripples continue to cascade. In short: He’s messy, and a jury of his peers might not be able to overlook that, even in view of his terrific stardom.

(Via New York Daily News)

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