50 Cent Has Come Under Fire For Shaming A Teenager With A Disability

You may have seen a video floating around online that went viral this week, in which 50 Cent accosts an employee pushing a cart at the Cincinnati International Airport. The rapper accuses the employee of being high, telling the camera as he follows along, “What kind of sh*t you think he took before he got to work today? He high as a motherf*cker, right here in the airport!”

Fiddy eventually deleted the video from Twitter, but not before it was uploaded to YouTube and shared all over the internet — amassing well over a million views.

Now the family of that employee, identified as 19-year-old Andrew Farell, is speaking out, and they are pissed. As it turns out, their son was not “high as a motherf*cker” on the day in question, but suffers from disability along with a crippling social anxiety. They told Cincinnati’s WLWT 5 News that Andrew recently graduated from high school, and that they were so proud of their son for getting a janitorial job at the airport all on his own.

“To put this out there saying my son is on drugs or whatever, that is part of his social anxiety,” Kent Farrell said. “He’s not wanting to talk, he’s not wanting to communicate, he’s walking on and he’s doing his job.”

“He’s very upset,” said Andrew’s mother, Amanda Kramer. “The more I thought about it, the more upset I got, the madder I got. This could hurt him for the future.”

The family are now demanding an apology from 50 Cent, who was in the city to make an appearance promoting Effen vodka. Or as WLWT 5’s Brian Hamrick so tactfully puts it in the above video: “Andrew’s parents say 50 Cents [sic] needs to let people know Andrew is not on drugs, but was simply given… a bad rap.”

(Via WLWT 5 News)