The ’50 Cent’ Store Is Your New One Stop Shop For All Those Random Needs

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50 Cent dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, once again putting his name to good use for one of the host’s sketches. This time, he’s the owner of a store featuring his name and selling the goods that people want. It’s the 50 Cent Store, your one-stop-shop for things like a Judge Mathis lunchbox.

There are some gently used notebooks for the kids to have at school ( not a bad deal), some wore down pencil nubs (not a good deal), and a pack of eight crayons with only three in the box. The real gift is that Judge Mathis lunchbox, though. You can’t buy that kind of gold for $.50 anywhere else, I don’t care what you’re thinking. It makes me want to go have one created since there’s no way there’d ever be another made out in the wild. Plus it would go well with my Judge Joe Brown collectable dishes.

Not a bad sketch, all and all. Jackson makes a return later in the show during an on the street segment, obviously dealing with money again. You can seek that out online if you please, but it is quite a short segment. And it is a bit depressing too because people cannot name the people who are on our currency.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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