55 Year-Old White Casino Exec Still Trying To Ruin Hip Hop For Everyone

(ED. NOTE: Look, I know this will make two posts today on UPROXX featuring awful hip-hop performances, but white people are dropping bombs on hip-hop today like the Nazis dropped bombs on Poland, and I, like a modern day internet version of FDR, simply cannot sit by and ignore it.)

Hey white people — stop dropping your pants and pooping all over hip-hop music! Contrary to what you might think, you are not “blessing” it in any way. There’s nothing cute about it — you’re just taking a giant dump all over an entire genre of music.

Look, it’s bad enough that we’ve got Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow out there doing everything they can to destroy hip-hop, but now 55 year-old casino exec Allen Samuels (aka A Sams and A Samuels) has returned to drop another abortion for the auditory senses on us, this time about…wait for it…his buddy Stan’s economic plan for America. I’m afraid that all we need now is for Andy Dick to cover Drake or for Jim Nantz to rap about abolishing the minimum wage and white people’s dastardly plot to destroy hip-hop will be complete.

(HT: Gawker)