These Are Six Top Musicians Who Actually Created Their Own Sounds

01.06.16 2 years ago

While we’ve already chronicled the fantastic sonic innovation of the genre-hopping EDM artist NGHTMRE, he’s one of many before him who have carved their own path. Music history is thankfully blessed with free thinkers who dynamited the walls around their own respective genres to create something entirely new. Check out our profile of NGHTMRE above and then take a look at some of his fellow trailblazers below.

The Beach Boys

With Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys quite literally created their own sound. Brian Wilson took studio trickery to previously unheard levels, elevating the entire genre of rock and roll music in the process.

Hard to imagine in a world where critics have spent the last decade arguing the merits of pop music to a diehard base of rock purists, but rock was in the same position as pop once upon a time. Wilson’s layers upon layers of dogs barking, guitars and jazz was so new that it forced a reconsideration of the entire genre. Rock music wasn’t just dance music for teenagers anymore, it could be capital-A Art.

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