6lack Transforms The Melancholy ‘Free’ Into A Seductive Live Performance On ‘The Late Show’

Last night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert rapper/singer 6lack hit the stage to perform his melancholic single “Free” from his debut album Free 6lack. The young star from Atlanta, Georgia gained popularity last year with the release of his single “PBLMS,” which he performed on The Late Late Show earlier this year, and since then has earned co-signs from big names like The Weeknd, who appeared at his concert in LA in January, and Jhené Aiko, with whom he collaborated on “First F*ck” in February.

“Free” is a goodbye to an old love that he still cares for and he knows wants him back. However, he also knows she is no good for him; he reluctantly wishes her the best, but takes comfort in the fact that he’s free. His lyrics are accompanied by slow, almost glum production that evokes the sense of longing that hits right around 2:00 AM and five shots in.

6lack performed the song with a live band on The Late Show, adding a perfect drum element and pulling out more drama than the recorded version. He hits the stage with a hoodie on, then reveals his face as the song climaxes, keeping his voice cool and smooth throughout. With his presence established, fans are excited to hear whatever else he has in store for 2017.