Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

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02.08.13 3 Comments

It’s impossible to cover each bit of new music that comes out during the week, so every Friday, we’ll be doing an end of the week music roundup. It’s called Final Track, and we’ll count off a few songs released during the week that are worth giving a listen to. (Banner via)

This week, we’ve got selections from the Flaming Lips, Desaparecidos, James Blake, and more.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by the Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are at the “why the f*ck not?” stage of their career. Their legacy and popularity is set in stone, so why NOT do a Super Bowl commercial? Remake of the Stone Roses first album? Cover “Bohemian Rhapsody” and record an extremely NSFW music video for it? That kind of weird commitment to doing whatever they want when they want takes balls, and they’ve got huge ones. (Sorry.)

“Underground Airplay” by Joey Bada$$ feat. Big K.R.I.T., and Smoke DZA

For more on “Underground Airplay,” check out the Smoking Section.

“Retrograde” by James Blake

Dubstep for the lonely, from Blake’s highly awaited second album, Overgrown.

“Paul’s Not Home” by Gibby Haynes and Jack White

The medical X-ray makes a lot more sense, when you consider how many bones are going to broken to this song.

“Anonymous” by Desaparecidos

It’s Desaparecidos, not Bright Eyes, that Conor Oberst ought to be known for; his political angst comes across a lot better when he’s screaming with a punk band, not with an acoustic guitar. So it’s very exciting that they released two new songs this week, including “Anonymous,” an ode to the hacker organization, and are going on tour this winter, though, to be fair, if Oberst wants to dust off a number from Cassadaga, that’d be cool, too.

“Strangers” by Physic Twin

Erin Fein’s voice echoes across “Strangers,” racing in time with the layers of 1980s synth and drum beats, resulting in a vibe reminiscent of an actual psychic swinging his clock back and forth. (Or do they only do that on TV shows?)

Just a reminder that the Grammys are this weekend. Hopefully Kurt doesn’t show up. That’d be confusing.

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