The 82-Year-Old ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant That Crushed ‘Bodies’ Joined Drowning Pool Onstage

When John Hetlinger took the stage on America’s Got Talent, the unassuming 82-year-old kicked the world in the teeth with a gutsy rendition of Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies.’ Sure, Hetlinger’s growls weren’t the most impressive thing in the world, but damn it, the dude was metal. He lived a life as a Navy pilot and aerospace engineer, but still wanted a thrill at the tender age of 82, so he stepped on stage where his life changed forever.

Now he’s on stage again, but this time, it’s not to simply sing over Drowning Pool’s song. Nope, now he’s singing alongside Drowning Pool, in front of thousands of moshing youngsters that he’d normally probably want off his lawn (actually he seems pretty cool and wouldn’t mind some visitors).

The band seemed legitimately pleased to have the old rocker up there screaming, and they should be. The viral AGT clip was viewed over 8 million times and has probably put Drowning Pool back on the map in the weirdest way possible. An old man covering a song about pain hasn’t been this popular since Johnny Cash covered ‘Hurt’ by Nine Inch Nails.

Count Drowning Pool guitarist CJ Pierce (who can be seen next to Hetlinger rocking out) as one of Hetlinger’s biggest fans. He told Loudwire:

“I picked up my phone and I got a handful of texts from a number of people because I guess it got out yesterday ahead of the airing. We had a band group text on there as well, and then I watched it, and man, I am so entertained by it. It’s awesome to just see an 82-year-old man get out there and just belt out some metal — whether it was our song or any song, it was just killer to see him do that.”

It’s one of those feel good stories about bodies hitting floors (it’s about a moshpit, people) that we just don’t get enough of these days.

(Via Rolling Stone)