A Punk Rock Baby Went Crowdsurfing At Glastonbury Over The Weekend

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There are many good reasons to crowd surf: better sightlines, a chance to get hoisted onto the stage and be near your musical idols, an opportunity to get away from that jerk next to you who can’t stop talking about the poon he CRUSHED last night. But the best reason to be carried like Dany by the Yunkai: because you’re a baby.

I guess if you choose to go to a place called the Rabbit Hole in order to watch Michael Eavis do a karaoke version of Suspicious Minds backed by a group called the Vodka Jellies Karaoke Band, then you have got to expect the unexpected. Even so, the sight of the first ever baby crowd-surfer [in a baby buggy] was certainly one of Glastonbury’s more surreal moments

“Stop!” screamed the lady next to me when the baby first emerged. “I’m sorry, but this is just not right!” shouted another. But still the baby marched on, the buggy passed from audience member to audience member. People continued tutting but at least the baby seemed to be in tune with the spirit of the festival: like most Glastonbury-goers, he was unable to form complete sentences and could not handle solid food.

Then, as the baby approached the stage, the crowd surfing mission became clear. “Oh, that’s his dad on stage!” said one local, as if now it all made sense. This was no longer an irresponsible act of child cruelty but simply one baby’s mission to crowd surf towards his musician father, one of the members of the band. (Via)

That baby is punk as f*ck.

(via Getty Image) (Via the Guardian)

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