A Bride Used Buckcherry’s ‘Crazy Bitch’ For Her Wedding March And Defended It On YouTube

The video you’re about to watch was Tweeted earlier today by Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina, and it quickly became one of the morning’s most hilarious videos, as it shows a woman dancing down the aisle at her wedding to a rather unique cover of the Buckcherry strip club anthem, “Crazy Bitch.” Obviously, a video of this nature was a quick and easy target for the all-knowing, judgmental eye of YouTube commenters, who are typically the worst people in existence.

Uploaded by the daughter of the bride, the video’s description states: “My mom dancing down the isle doin what she wants having fun and being her.” It’s almost as if this young lady had an idea of what might be coming when she decided to post this unusual wedding march, and while some people showed their support and reminded the “haters” to mind their own business, others were much more blunt and horrible.

Among the more disapproving comments…

“Sad when people don’t know the difference between having fun and being completely trashy. And I like the song. Sorry hon, your mom is a skank.”

“Please don’t breed anymore. Please don’t breed anymore. Please don’t breed anymore.”

“Im guessing the Daughter who posted this was probably born out of wedlock. Watch her get knocked up next because here Mom has no sexual standards. This wedding shows EVERYTHING that is wrong with America.”

“If you zoom in you can see the crabs bungie jumping in her bush!”

“And the winner of the White Trash Wedding goes to……….The woman is this video. Please stand up spit out your chewing tobacco, shave your legs and take your prize. “


“I apologize world. Just because you *can* do something, doesn’t mean you *should*. I saw a picture yesterday of a crazy Australian man with a fork stuck all the way into his penis. This was worse.”

“She should have invested in some real music, ear plugs for the kids and a girdle ! that was a HAWT mess !! it wasnt cute, it wasnt classy. Im no prude and language doesnt usually bother me (hell I can curse with the best) – there is a time and place for everything and this wasnt it ! somewhere there is a village missing their idiot !”

And there were many, many more. But eventually the bride showed up in the comments to defend herself, and it was… something.

“who made the rule on how my wedding should be and just so you know it was my wedding at my house and they were my guests if and when you ever find anyone to marry your narrow minded self you can have your wedding at your location with your guests in your way and guess what I will respect your choice because I live in the USA and that is what we do here. And thank you to all my friends and family (including my son) who fight or have fought for my freedom to do this”

“Wow I can promise I am not pregnant and I will bet my IQ is higher then yours and guess what I am employed with a great job and in my job I care for all different people with no judgment. WE had a wedding for us the craziness that is in our heads and all our friends and family get it. Have been told it was greatest wedding people have been too. You all just upset that you don’t have creativity or the balls to live your life freely like we do. Thank GOD I live in the USA”

“See everyone loved it I have total self respect and proud of everything I do with no regrets and thank GOD I can defend this. All those people are my family they grew up with me and raised me. I stand by this and so does my husband friends and family. All I wish is that I can find a wider shot so you all can see all the guests dancing and rocking out like we always do. I am a 43 year old grandma who rocks out and enjoys life. Proud of me and my family so all that are out there ROCK ON”

A friend joined in as well to correct some of the misconceptions about the bride and her wedding guests.

“OK so for all you fuddy duddy rude negative commenters. You obviously don’t know how to have fun. And have no clue what your talking about. For 1.. no drinking till after the wedding.. 2. Pekin is in the MIDWEST not the south.. 3 the street was packed.. 4. The husband and most of the guests knew it it was going to happen and most were dancing with her.. I was in the wedding it was a blast.. there is absolutely no reason to make judgements .. OK opinions.. but those are like assholes..”

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the reception, please allow the friend to fill in the details…

“Actually it was a parade of Harley’s to the reception and black sunglasses.. and if you don’t like it get the fuck off the video and don’t watch it to begin with .. it is called crazy bitch wedding march. Here’s YOUR sign..”

Great Bill Engvall joke, and the blushing bride completely agreed that they were simply rock stars.

“We rocked it Starr the narrow minded idiots on here can only see black and white they don’t understand but that is cool as hell because we totally rock and got the balls to express what we want to do in life lol”

LOL indeed, ma’am. LOL indeed.