A Fan Recorded A New U2 Song By Standing Outside Bono’s Beach House

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07.03.14 16 Comments
The Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Day Two

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U2 was supposed to release a new album this year, but their Super Bowl single was as popular as a stale fart, and now no one knows when the followup to No Line on the Horizon will be out. But the band is working on new tunes, and fans are standing outside Bono’s beach house recording them.

The tradition continues: U2 fans hear new songs being played from Bono’s house in the south of France and record what they hear from the beach below.

The folks at U2Valencia.com have posted an audio clip that they’re saying is the new song, “Song For Someone.” It was reportedly recorded on Monday (June 30). It’s about five minutes long and, like previous beach clips, the loudest sound is the ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves. But if you turn it loud and listen closely, you can hear the new song a bit. (Via)

I could direct you to the file, but I respect you too much to do that. Plus, it sounds like the musical equivalent of a shaky YouTube video where the cameraman’s filming something on his TV.

Via ATU2

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