The A Cappella Rendition Of ‘Fight Song’ Sung In Support Of Hillary Clinton May Even Have Republican Heads Bobbing

07.27.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Though it is Donald Trump who seems like the candidate who would feel more comfortable in the world of Hollywood, even boasting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it appears the grand majority of other famous faces are #WithHer. Banding together to perform a rendition of Rachel Platten’s 2015 hit, “Fight Song,” a slew of television, film and broadway A-listers voiced (literally) their support of Hillary Clinton at the DNC on Tuesday.

In a video directed by Pitch Perfect‘s, Elizabeth Banks, the already mellifluous tune is made more so by being sung a cappella style. Seemingly inspired by the aforementioned film, following Banks neatly securing her Hillary pin, the video opens with a disclaimer asserting, “all sounds made by our voices.”

If it was ever unclear which way most of Hollywood leans when it comes to the 2016 Presidential pick, it becomes quite evident after the three minutes of this catchy tune is up. Of course featuring Platten and Banks, the video also welcomes celebrities like Jane Fonda, Idina Menzel, Aisha Tyler, Kristin Chenoweth, Eva Longoria, Mandy Moore and Alan Cumming among quite a few others. Produced by Banks, Bruce Cohen and Mike Tompkins, though the song is an inherently fun and playful bop, the true sentiment is clear. As the video was released the second day of the DNC hosted in Philadelphia, the star power brought to the vid is being utilized to further promote the platform of the Democratic nominee.

Banks, in particular, is not shy in voicing this left-leaning opinion. Taking the stage of the DNC this past Tuesday, she compared Mr. Trump to her own character in The Hunger Games franchise, Effie Trinket. “I play a cruel, out-of-touch reality TV star who wears insane wigs while delivering longwinded speeches to a violent dystopia,” she stated while on stage. “So when I tuned into Cleveland last week, I was like, ‘Uh, hey, that’s my act!’”

As the video comes to a close, if there is any lingering confusion regarding its purpose, it wraps with a fade in of Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo followed by a joyous Sia exclaiming, “Go, Hillary!” before cutting to black.

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