A Man Went To A Motorhead Concert And Left With A Brain Injury

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07.06.14 10 Comments
Motorhead - London

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If you like metal music, any type will do, you’ve probably done some headbanging in your day. For all you wannabe Cliff Burton’s out there, you might want to rethink it the next time you’re at a concert. Especially a Motorhead concert.

For one German Motorhead fan, headbanging turned into a weeks of medical studies to determine that his brain was bleeding. From The Daily Beast:

The unsurprising findings (whipping your skull to and fro for hours on end might not be good for you) from the surprisingly entertaining study, detailed the case of an anonymous 50-year-old man who came into Germany’s Hannover Medical School with complaints of a two-week constant headache. A CT scan showed the man suffered from bleeding—medically known as chronic subdural haematoma—on the right side of his brain.

He didn’t use drugs and had no medical history that might explain the pain. But he did tell doctors that he had been to a Motörhead show in the last month and had, as heavy metal fans are wont to do, banged his head.

Surgeons drilled a small hole in his skull and removed the blood clot. His headache cured, the man went home and two months later, he was given a clean bill of health.

It doesn’t seem that this is necessarily connected to Motorhead alone, but I can only hope that Lemmy eats it up. I’d put it out there in interviews and everything, add it to the mystique of the band. I believe they’re already the loudest band (suck it, Man O’ War), so why not say they rock the hardest too.

Yeah, there are harder bands out there. Take those legitimately scary death metal bands that kill their band mates and burn down churches. But I am partial to Lemmy and crew, so I’m happy it was them to cause this guy some severe brain discomfort.

(Via Lancet / The Daily Beast)

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