A Metal Singer Perfectly Responded To Taylor Swift Trademarking ‘This Sick Beat’

Now that perpetual prom queen Taylor Swift has trademarked “this…sick…beat,” which will soon appear on headbands, aprons, and bikinis, she’s deprived other lyricists of the greatest collection of three words since “forgot about Dre.” That’s of no concern to Ben Norton, though, who uploaded a song to YouTube titled “This Sick Beat™” under the moniker Peculate.

He added:

Trademarks are a direct attack on one of the most fundamental and inalienable rights of all: our freedom of speech. If you give the bourgeoisie an inch, they will take a mile…and everything else you have in the process. They have already privatized land, water, and words. After language, they will next try to privatize air. But, although the rich can try, they will never truly own the words we use and the language we speak.

To be fair, he’s not actually singing “this sick beat.” It’s more like, “THIS SICK BEATTTTTTTT.”