A Mexican Pop Star Claims She Had Her Ribs Removed To Appear Thinner

08.12.14 5 years ago 12 Comments

Thalía is a Mexican singer, actress, author, and human with a gigantic business card. She’s the so-called Queen of Latin Pop, but now she’s famous for an entirely different reason: she had her ribs removed and posted a picture of her pickled bones on Instagram. Or so Thalía claims — there’s no way to verify that what you see in the picture below are hers and not something her dog found behind a butcher shop, but rib removal is an actual surgery, although “most board-certified plastic surgeons feel that rib removal is too extreme of a procedure to be performed for cosmetic reasons.”

I’m guessing “I want to look slimmer” is a cosmetic reason.

That’s horrifying, but on the plus side, at least she can play her xylophone now.

Via USA Today

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