A Recap Of The Best Coachella 2013 Had To Offer

This time last year, everyone was losing their minds over both the past and future of music, Hologram Tupac. There were no 3D Kurt Cobains at Coachella 2013 — in fact, the festival’s biggest attention grabber was an album trailer for a band that wasn’t even in California — but there were dozen of bands, playing hundreds of great songs.

Coachella’s livestream has made life much more pleasant for those who want to attend the mega-concert, but aren’t able to because of financial problems, legal disputes, totally untrue stalking obligations (no, I’ll see YOU in court, Damon Albarn). So relive the best Coachella 2013 had to offer, with these 10 great performances.

It was Blur’s first performance in the Unite States since they reunited in 2008…

…and the Stone Roses since *does the math* forever? Just don’t call them Britpop. They’re Madchester, people.

Is it time to admit that Karen O is rock’s most charismatic front(wo)man? After watching the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ roaring, high energy set, yes, yes, it is. SORRY NEIL DIAMOND. Here they are doing “Maps” and “Heads Will Roll.”

Only Trent Reznor & Co.’s second gig together as How to Destroy Angels. Doubt there’s going to be a repeat performance next year. Nine Inch Nails: 2014?

The unfortunately named Dog Blood is a side project formed by Skrillex and Boys Noize. For EDM fans, this is Jay-Z teaming up with Kanye West. Man, imagine how good an album with those two would be.

Notable for what didn’t happen. During their final song, “Float On,” Modest Mouse’s sound was cut off, because they were running past their allotted slot. Coachella don’t mess around with time. Isaac Brock paid no mind to the lack of electricity, though, and continued screaming his way through his band’s biggest hit, with the crowd joining him.

Next year, every band and artist that appeared on the Garden State soundtrack or in the film’s trailer should play at Coachella together, like when the O Brother, Where Art Thou? rambling circus hit the road. I’m sure Frou Frou would work for cheap.

Here’s Solange joining the xx for a cover of Aaliyah’s “Hot Like Fire.”

We already talked about this one, but c’mon, toot toot beep beep pee pee.

A Better Tomorrow is likely it for Wu-Tang Clan, so savior every Method Man verse, not that you weren’t already.