A Pissed Off Sound Engineer Made A Revenge Remix For The Hardcore Band That Stiffed Him

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10.23.13 7 Comments
Oh, it's even better than it looks.

Oh, it’s even better than it looks.

As a very occasional sound engineer, I know how often sound engineers get stiffed. There are a lot of bands that feel recording and mixing are things you do by pressing buttons, so why does the engineer deserve money? The answer is that otherwise, you’ll be on the receiving end of a revenge remix.

Dan’s Lab Studios had a hardcore band, Altitudes, in recently to shoot a video with what appears to be a cellphone and to record their hardcore track. The band, which seems to consist mostly of teenagers and one forty year old guy on guitar, promptly stiffed him. So he did this:

Unlike most YouTube videos, you really need to read the comments. Buried amid the usual idiocy and mockery is the vocalist whose dulcet tones were sampled here. His response?

Basically we just weren’t financially stable at the time but we WERE planning on paying him back. after seeing this its crazy because we never thought he would act in such a way. Were not sorry because our intentions werent to let his hardwork go un paid for.

Sure you were, kid. Sure you were. We’re looking forward to the band inevitably trying to sue for defamation, or possibly to make him release the track on iTunes.

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