A Tribe Called Quest And Prince (With 22-Member Band) Closed Out SXSW In Style

One of the more popular conversations about SXSW this year is: who is the festival for? Is it for up-and-coming bands? It is for advertisers? Is it for Internet start-ups? It’s actually for none of those things — it’s for A Tribe Called Quest and Prince, who, even going off shaky Internet videos, KILLED it last night, and Tribe and Prince only.

Tribe started off [Samsung’s #TheNextBigThing Concert] with all the classics, and the fellas genuinely looked like they were enjoying every minute of their set, which says a lot. Then, there was Prince. Backed by a 22-piece band, the legend was electrifying to say the least, the very least. I’ve never witnessed a show like that before. He owned every band member, and could read and command each one with a simple look.

The man did 6 encores. (Via)

Also, according to Fuse, Prince at one point wore “a spirit animal hat — fox, for the completists — and sunglasses,” and entered the stage in a “butterfly-collared pink shirt and suit straight out of The Mack.” Compared to the Purple One, Justin Timberlake, who also played SXSW yesterday, looked like human garbage. Watch some clips below.