Aaron Carter Compared Himself To Michael Jackson In A Deeply Weird Twitter Rant

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People remember Aaron Carter for dropping kiddie-pop about unsupervised parties and playing 1-on-1 with Shaquille O’Neal, if they remember him at all. His career doesn’t exactly add up to “successor of the King of Pop” levels. But that’s exactly what Nick Carter’s little bro claimed to be in a since-deleted Twitter rant from Sunday.

“Remember one very important thing. Michael passed down the torch to me. I never had to ask for him to do that,” he wrote under a black-and-white photo of Michael Jackson.

When internet citizens reacted the way you would expect, Carter fired back.

“No he compared himself to me. I knew Michael VERY well and spent lots of time with him. Just stop right there,” he said.

When the backlash didn’t calm down, Carter responded, “And why can’t I have idols and mentors Michael invited me personally to sing with him and Luther Vandross and Beyoncé like stfu people jeez.”

Carter clarified his feelings in a screenshot of a note that he posted to Twitter on Monday morning.

In the post, Carter refused to back off of his “passing the torch” comments, sending one final shot at the Twitterverse, but also clarified that MJ passed it by “being kind and loving.”

(Via Page Six)