Aaron Paul And Pierce Brosnan Danced Too Hard At A Radiohead Concert

The moment I saw that Aaron Paul used “Yeah b*tch!!” and “Yeah science!!” in a single tweet I knew I was probably going to share. It doesn’t hurt that though that the same tweet included a photo of Aaron and Pierce Brosnan at a Radiohead concert.

Still trying to figure out if “Yeah science!!” was referencing Radiohead’s continued support of scientific research or James Bond’s gadgetry but either way I’m a big fan of the usage. Judging from the above picture and below accompanying tweets we can only assume Aaron is a bit more comfortable in a concert environment than a catwalk environment. Maybe even a little TOO COMFORTABLE.

Turns out our boy was making the Brits (most notably Judgy McJudgerson above right) uneasy with his overzealous dancing to Radiohead (just a lot of bouncing up and down, right?)…

I’m not sure exactly how things transpired but I feel safe in concluding Pierce Brosnan was involved with high energy jigs (just look at his face), hence the headline. All I know for sure though is that the O2 is the worst. And that this guy and his flirty pose girls probably partied with AP after the show.

@AaronPaul_8 via TDW