AC/DC And Axl Rose Announce A U.S. Tour

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AC/DC fronted by Axl Rose is working way better than anyone could have possibly expected (except this guy), so it’s only natural that now they’ve announced a U.S. tour.

AX/DC (or AC/DC With Rose) are playing a total of 10 dates to make up for all of those shows that were cancelled once Brian Johnson bowed out of their tour due to hearing loss. Angus Young released a statement about the re-scheduled shows that might put all you Axl-haters off selling your tickets.

“This band has got a ton of energy and you’re going to see a fusion of all that terrific chemistry that we have felt ever since rehearsals in Lisbon. I want to get back out there onstage in the US with these guys so our audience can see and feel it too.”

According to Rose, he’s felt an immense amount of pressure to do right by Johnson and AC/DC’s die-hard fans. So, it’s possible that fans will see the result of an Axl more focused than he usually is on doing right by his own GnR fans.

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