Action Bronson Takes His Place At The Top As A ‘Descendant Of The Stars’

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Action Bronson sure has made the most of his good fortunes in music, even if it was second career choice. Everyone’s familiar with the robust renaissance man was a chef before an injury compelled him to pick up a pen and begin writing what we become this next chapter in his life. So far, the ride has taken him to career heights, the concept he toys with on his latest track, “Descendant of the Stars.”

The new tune is the theme song for Bam Bam’s new show, Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens, his latest 10-episode foray with Vice. The production has swaying jingle to it that makes it perfect for its intended medium but it plays well in the speakers, too. Bronson’s his usual colorful self, which is what he’s always sold since day one. He loves a few essential things: weed, women and food, not in any particular order. His colorful, outgoing nature is what makes Action one of kind “star.”

“Can a motherf***er get a soul clap b*tch
I don’t give a fuck I’m just a grown *ss kid
Eyes wide shut I control that whip
I did an interview for GQ while takin’ a shit
I’m into gettin’ cake and wearin’ snake skin when I spit”

There are other off the cuff references about indulging in a little marijuana with his mom, wearing cozy sweats to award shows and more that help paint the picture of his unapologetic, I-did-it-my-way persona. And why should he be? His way has paid handsomely thus far. Some people, like Bronson, have that innate star quality that allows them to float through the fray effortlessly. Had he known things were going to work out as well as they have, Bronson probably would’ve chosen rap as option numero uno way earlier in life.

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