Action Bronson And Big Body Bes Are At Their Boisterous Best In The ‘Durag Vs. Headband’ Video

Action Bronson’s been splitting time between the small screen and the studio for the past couple of years after F*ck That’s Delicious found great success, taking on a life of its own and boosting Bronson’s fame in the process. But, rap still forms homebase so every now and then he’s inclined to release new content, like this new visual for “Durag vs. Headband.”

The clip is everything off kilter and lovable about Bronson. It’s labeled as “featuring Big Body Bes,” his faith sidekick and shit-talker supreme who’s seen here perched upon a white horse while delivering instant quotables about his desire to die “Albanian style” by machine gun. In fact, make note of the moment because it’s the only time we may see a man of any color riding a horse while wearing Jordans. Besides Bes, Mayhem Lauren and Alchemist make cameos, too, so his core crew is still intact and still has his back. And he’s still dosing out outlandishly clever rhymes.

“If this was ’96 I def had The Tunnel packed in
Big beard like I’m lumberjackin’
Mash the petal of the 850
Sound like the thunder cracking
I’m in a club with a condom on
All Under Armour on”

The more things change, the more things stay the same for Bronson. Actually, they nothing changes at all. The boasts and his personality are just getting bigger and bigger.