Tyler the Creator And Rocket Racoon Become One With Marvel’s Latest Hip-Hop Variant Covers

Rocket Raccoon is getting his own comic book again. That’s the big news to take from Marvel’s latest round of variants featuring MC Lyte, Tyler the Creator, Schoolboy Q, and Ghostf…Action Bronson.* With the sheer amount of comics Marvel produces a month combined with the seemingly infinite number of album covers in existence, Marvel could theoretically do this forever. Forever ever, forever ever.

Premiered by Mass Appeal, the newest batch features Dr. Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme, Solo, Great Lakes Avengers, the aforementioned Rocket Raccoon, and perhaps the best comic book hero name of all time, Foolkiller. Seriously, I’ve never heard of the character but not much could stop me from reading about his exploits in killing fools. Perhaps a Mr. T crossover is in order where the two of them scour the earth for fools. First comes the pity, then comes the killing. Even Marvel paying homage to Insane Clown Posse seems incredibly appropriate.

Solo is a gun-for-hire who runs with Deadpool, so why wouldn’t he get the Rare Chandlers treatment? He’s not necessarily an international man of mystery, but he does like to get his hands dirty in extravagant ways and isn’t opposed to debauchery every now and then.

Dr. Strange and Schoolboy Q belong together and the Great Lakes Avengers are just quirky enough to pull off the Lyte As A Rock album cover. Hopefully MC Lyte is smiling about this because I know I am.

As per usual, no word on when the variants are dropping but they will go quickly when they do.

* — Seriously, why there’s no Ghostface Killah variant at this point is profoundly puzzling. The man’s alias is Tony Starks and his first album is called Iron Man. To say nothing of the fact he’s in the first Iron Man movie. Someone at the House Of Ideas is falling asleep behind the wheel.