Adam Levine Tried In Vain To Teach Gwen Stefani How To Pronounce ‘Colbert’ Before The Emmys

While appearing on The Tonight Show last night, Adam Levine finally set the record straight on the single most hilarious flub to ever go down on an awards show ever — the “Colbort Report” incident, which was met with much fun-having at Gwen Stefani’s expense in the aftermath. Apparently Stefani was having trouble with the name before they even got up on stage and was terrified about what would happen if The Colbert Report won, since she was completely incapable of pronouncing it. So Levine, her kind-hearted douchebag co-presenter, tried his best to teach her how, but his best was clearly not good enough.

I don’t know if I feel sadder for Gwen because she really, really tried or because pronouncing “Colbert Report” presented such an insurmountable task for her.