Adele Considered Quitting Music After ’21’

To call Adele’s 21 “a hit” might be the understatement of the century. It was the biggest-selling album in the world for two years. It sold well over 30 million copies. It was still in the Billboard Hot 200 as of early this year in spite of being released in 2011. It made Adele, unquestionably, the biggest artist in the world.

But it also made her want to quit music altogether.

In a new interview with Carson Daly, Adele revealed that she considered ending her career after the release of 21.

“For awhile I was like, maybe I shouldn’t come back. Maybe I should go out on a high. Maybe everyone likes what they’ve heard of me. And then I realized I want my kid to know what I do. He’s really inspired me.”

Though Adele admits that her son inspired her, she says that her new album, 25, won’t be about being a mother.

“I did write loads of songs about him, but as much as I love him, it’s a bit boring for everyone else to hear me go on about him.”

She also talked about “Hello,” her comeback single that imploded the internet upon release:

‘Hello’ is sort of a longing and a curiosity for my past and everyone in it. Literally, everybody in any capacity that’s ever been in my life, from family to friends to people I’ve met randomly and had a moment in time with… Lots of people think I’m singing of an ex-boyfriend because of my last record, but it’s on a much bigger scale than that. It’s a big hello to myself. It’s a hello to my fans as well.”

Check out the rest of the interview up top via AMP 97.1.

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