Adele’s ’25’ Is Finally Coming To Streaming Services

06.23.16 3 years ago
Adele Performs At The SSE Arena Belfast

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Now that it has sold more than 19 million copies, Adele‘s 25 is finally going to be available on streaming services, which is fantastic news for someone like me who A) never bought the album and B) really dig the new single, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover.)”

Seven months have passed since 25 was released and was kept away from streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. Other artists like Radiohead and Drake have done this, or at the very least, released their albums via only one service, but they all relented eventually. A popular move seems to be dropping your album exclusively on Apple Music, then gifting it to Spotify a few weeks later. But Adele held out longer than most and to be honest, I kind of just assumed 25 would never be available to stream. I suppose that once almost everyone has already purchased your album, there’s really no harm in letting people listen to it for free.

Props go to Taylor Swift though. When she released 1989, it was only available to stream via Apple Music and now two years later that’s still the case. Beyonce: Lemonade is next.

According to Recode, 25 will be available to stream starting at midnight on Thursday. It should be noted however that “midnight” is determined by the market you are in, meaning those lucky dudes over in Australia already have the pleasure of adding more tracks to their “Stay Home And Weep” Spotify playlists.

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