Adele Prepares To Take Over The Globe With Her First Tour Since 2011

Adele is the queen of music at the moment. Her new album, 25, is breaking records. You’ve heard “Hello” by now, because it is inescapable. People are so happy to have new Adele music, and Adele-mania is at a fevered pitch. The only thing left? A tour, of course, and that’s just what Adele has lined up. She announced the tour via her Facebook

This will only further throw Adele’s multitude of fans into a tizzy, because Adele has not toured since 2011, and that tour was cut short because of a vocal cord hemorrhage. There were also rumors (or, in deference to Adele’s Britishness, rumours) that she would not be touring. However, in a video attached to the announcement of her tour, she stated, “”I have been bluffing this whole time and I’m so relieved to tell you I am of course coming on tour.”

Now, time to perhaps put the kibosh on your enthusiasm for a moment. Adele will be touring the United Kingdom and Europe, but there are no American dates on her tour. So those of you in the States either better prepare for a European vacation, or just, you know, be sad. Also, her website is saying that “the resale of tickets will not be tolerated,” so scalpers better think twice about trying to mess with Adele.

Call this a bold prediction, but this is going to be the biggest music tour of 2016.

(Via BBC)