Adele Had The Tastiest Response To Her Super Bowl Mini Controversy

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Amidst the incessant political coverage surrounding the most polarizing presidential election in recent history, as well as the constant accolades emanating from this year’s Olympic games, Adele caused a mild firestorm when she was announced to be a potential performer at the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. Well, the “Hello” singer quickly shut those rumors down along with a bit of shade, saying that the performance that’s watched by hundreds of millions was not “about the music.”

While some might have been offended with her attitude, she clearly is showing that she can be as down to earth as anyone with a tweet that wipes the slate entirely clean with Tex-Mex goodness.

Yup, while the English powerhouse may not have #brokentheinternet with this news (as the Justin Bieber drama is in the process of doing), foodies and Daydreamers alike have given pause to this paramount announcement.

Currently traversing the nation for her North American tour, the 25 artist took the time to tweet to her 27 million followers that she was indulging in the best damn burrito she’s ever had in her 28 years of life.

It is no secret the “Hello” singer has a profound talent for songwriting, but the mellifluous way in which she composed this tweet describing the burrito is near poetic.

And now fans are dying to know where this mystical Mexican food hails from.

Though Adele has yet to confirm where this life changing burrito may be found, as the tweet was penned this past Monday, based on her tour schedule, this would presumably mean the beloved meal was consumed somewhere in Los Angeles.

Hopefully the soulstress reveals the location soon, for if we can’t expect to see the queen perform live at the Super Bowl, the least fans can ask for is where to find this bangin’ burrito. It’s the least she can do for us, and for America.