Adele Joins The Roots And Jimmy Fallon To Perform ‘Hello’ With Kid Instruments

Entertainment Writer
11.25.15 2 Comments

Hey look, it’s Adele. Before she was able to escape The Tonight Show on Monday, it seems that Jimmy Fallon forced her and The Roots into the kid instrument room to perform a very childish version of “Hello.” She joins an eclectic mix of musicians to enter the room and perform their hits, including the very memorable Mariah Carey Christmas experience and a pre-lawsuit Robin Thicke doing a kid-friendly “Blurred Lines.”

This time it’s a little odd because “Hello” doesn’t really lend itself to the kid instruments the way those other songs have in the past. But it’s Adele and she’s very popular right now, meaning she’s going to get the spot. And let’s not forget that NBC special is in a few weeks, so she’s got to be led out to the masses.

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