Twitter Whipped Out Its Best Crying Jokes For Adele’s New Song ‘Hello’

Of course, a new Adele song after years of silence is going to be a big deal. But just how big a deal “Hello” has become in the hours since its release is still impressive. “Hello”-mania was enough to push Adele to the top of Billboard’s Trending chart and iTunes Singles chart (within 24 hours of a new Justin Bieber song coming out, no less).

Oh, and there were the crying jokes. So many crying jokes. The video dominated Twitter discussion Friday morning, check out some of the best reactions below:

There was the revelation that Adele calls her exes on a burner phone.

People also noticed that several artists are conveniently stepping out as Adele approaches:

That’s just a solid business decision. No one’s lining up to take on Star Wars opening week, either. And then there was the praise:

Even celebs got in on the act:

The world isn’t ready for this next listener’s realization:


That lone bad review is looking more and more like an outlier every day. Adele is dropping a new album soon, and even if she says it won’t make us call our exes, we should probably start blocking numbers anyway.