Rumo(u)r Has It Adele Is Working On A New Album

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02.13.13 4 Comments

While most of the post-Grammy coverage about Adele has been on her confrontation/conversation with Chris Brown — in which, bafflingly, she was paying him a compliment — the real, non-Chris-Brown-looks-like-a-smiling-hemorrhoid news is that the British songstress is working on her much anticipated follow-up to 21.

Following her [Grammy] win for “Skyfall” and Best Pop Solo Performance, the British songstress said she was beginning preparations for her third record, the followup to her record-shattering 21.

“I’m not very far along at all,” she stated. “I’ve been in L.A. for the whole time since the [Golden] Globes, and I will be until the Oscars. I’ve been having lots of meetings. I’ve been out of the loop really. I’ve been singing my baby nursery rhymes, so I don’t really know what’s cool and what’s not. I’m definitely going to visit Paul Epworth and stuff like that again.” (Via)

Take your time, Adele — 21 will continue to win you awards until 2017.

(Via Consequence of Sound)

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