Adele Reportedly Turned Down An Opportunity To Work With Beyonce

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Most artists would kill their firstborn for a chance to work with Beyonce, but not Adele. What’s the point when “Hello” is currently crushing records left and right and analysts are predicting 25 to sell a kajillion copies in its release week?

Sources say Beyonce has been allegedly blinging Adele’s hotline for a whole year in hopes of a collaboration. Though the two made it to a studio one time, Adele reportedly, allegedly, supposedly, snubbed Queen Bey. Per IBT:

“Bey has been asking Adele for a year to join forces,” an alleged source told Heat magazine. “She went into the studio with Adele at the end of last year and tried to convince her to collaborate on a track. Adele turned down the offer, so now Bey is putting the song on her new album instead, which everyone is saying will drop before the end of the year.”

The alleged curve has some wondering if it has something to do with Adele’s aversion to being a fame magnet since nothing screams, “Hey! Look at me!” like a Beyonce collaboration. Chatting away with i-D, the 27-year-old songstress revealed she’s “frightened” of what fame would do to her.

I’m just frightened of it, you know? Frightened of it destroying me and it ruining me, and me getting lost and turning into some of the people that I love with my whole musical heart. I get frightened. And I get frightened for the people that I love, feeling like they’ve lost me.

It’s basically a bit like Stars In Their Eyes when you go into the smoke and you come out as someone else. I get worried of them looking at me going into the smoke and never coming out. It’s a bit toxic, fame. I’ve got enough toxins in me body, I don’t need any of that!

Interestingly, the supposed snub is a different tune Adele sang in 2012. Back then, the “Hello” singer expressed her love for Queen Bey and named Mrs. Carter as her top choice collaborator.

“I always wanted to do a duet with Etta James,” the singer said during an interview with French radio station NRJ, “but sadly she passed, so I would probably say Beyonce because she’s one of my ultimate favorites as well. I’ve been listening to her since I was about 11. I adore her. I love everything she stands for. I think her work as an artist and a singer is enviable, in terms of the length of her career and how she’s grown and grown.”

(Via IBT)