Why Is The Internet Freaking Out Over Adele’s Hot New Bodyguard?

Move over, Jennifer Lawrence’s hot bodyguard. Only a few months ago, you were the king of dudes serving and protecting one of the world’s most popular stars. But now that Adele’s the one breaking records and making us feel feelings we didn’t know we had before, it’s her turn to have the hottest bodyguard around. The singer’s hired Peter Van Der Veen (formerly the dude who guarded the bubble-enveloped body of Lady Gaga) to make sure she’s safe, but based on the reaction he’s been receiving, it’s Van Der Veen’s security we may need to start worrying about.

The bodyguard’s only been on the scene for a few days, but he’s already made a splash all over the internet. Not only are people tweeting about him (check out the ones below), but he’s even got fan videos on YouTube. That’s right, people are just finding pics of him, putting them to cheesy soundtracks and then splashing them on the video-sharing site, where they’re beginning to rack up the views.

Here are just some fans’ responses to Adele’s new hire:

Of course, at least one person is unimpressed because you can’t please everyone even when you’re a ten on the hotness scale:

Harsh! Haven’t you ever heard that bald is beautiful?

Last time I wrote about J-Law’s bod protector I wondered whether he’d have his own reality show soon. Now, I’m hoping that we get another “hottie bodyguard” on the books (three’s a trend), so some producer realizes that the best thing to do would be to make them move in together and tape them being mobbed by fans for our enjoyment. I’d watch.

(Via Cosmopolitan)