Adult Mom’s Stephanie Knipe Offers An Up Close And Personal Look At Their Childhood In ‘Drive Me Home’

05.04.17 2 years ago

Adult Mom are part of the glut of raw heart-on-sleeve rock from outside the overwhelmingly cis male center of indie. Put simply, it’s been a great couple of years for folks who want to hear female, queer or non-binary folks vent their spleen in new, exciting and often remarkably open ways. The pop-punk group lead by Stephanie Knipe have made their name by loosing catchy portraits whose intimacy is only matched by their relatability. And the Knipe takes both to knew levels on “Drive Me Home.”

While the track is itself is an honest and desperate plea for help, the video seems to find Knipe in a place of comfort. The video was shot by Knipe on her phone as they walked through their childhood home and the home of their grandmother. The camera lingers on art, windows and snowglobes as Knipe asks for anyone to just get them back to this place.

“If I am good, if I am really f*cking good, will you please take me home?” they sing as the video switches over to color and lets in a little warmth. Check out “Full Screen” — another song off of their upcoming album Soft Spots — and don’t miss our interview with the group about how that album took shape.

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