Adult Mom’s ‘Full Screen’ Is A Probing Bit Of Power-Pop

03.20.17 1 year ago

Adult Mom is mostly the solo project of Stephanie Knipe — but you’d be hard-pressed to recognize that in any of their singles. If you don’t believe us, listen to “Full Screen.” Where many one-person projects sound unmistakably DIY, Knipe’s vocals and instrumentation are clean as a major-label power pop album.

That high-level of craftsmanship extends to the track’s undeniable melodies, which manage to make the uncomfortable question at the song’s heart fly by before the listener can really dwell on it. The track was debuted over at Rookie, which also revealed that the song comes from a new album called Soft Spots. Knipe told the magazine that they wanted to keep a sense of intimacy and realness in the new album.

“The most important thing to us, for that record, was that it sounded organic and not over-produced,” they said. “For this new record, we were really focused on making it feel more intimate, like I’m sitting next to you, not, like, yelling at you.”

Check out the tracklist for Soft Spots below and pre-order it via Tiny Engines before it drops on May 19.

1. “Ephemeralness”
2. “Full Screen”
3. “J Station”
4. “Patience”
5. “Tenderness”
6. “Same”
7. “Steal The Lake From The Water”
8. “Drive Me Home”
9. “First Day Of Spring”

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