An Afrobeat Band Was Scratched From A Massachusetts Concert For Being 'Too White'

For far too long, white people in New England have been ostracized, left to their own devices, shunned by the unforgiving, racist world at large. In the latest such example, an Afrobeat band was left off the bill of a Halloween event at Hampshire College Friday night for being “too white.” Typical.

Shokazoba‘s cancellation from the Halloween event at Hampshire College, after one band member said they were criticized of being “too white” to play Afrobeat music, is reverberating on social media.

Shokazoba keyboard player Jason Moses said on Saturday that the entire incident has upset the band, which he said was the target of an online campaign by approximately 30 people – a campaign that led to the band’s ultimate cancellation from the annual event.

Moses said the firestorm started when someone posted an inflammatory comment online about Hampshire College hiring an all-white band to play Afrobeat music for the event. He said the band is not all white, and race should not be an issue anyway. (Via)

In Shokazoba’s place, Hampshire booked an Indian guy rapping about sombreros, as if you couldn’t already see someone just like that in every coffee shop in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. THANKS OBAMA.

(Banner via Shokazoba, via Mass Live)