After 22 Years, ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song Is Number One On Billboard Charts

There’s currently a meme circulating the internet asking what year it is. A new Terminator movie is about to hit theaters, a new Stars Wars movie is coming later this year and a Jurassic Park movie just demolished the box office. What year is it, indeed?!

In 1993, Jurassic Park hit theaters, and with it came a theme song composed by the great composer John Williams. The title track for Steven Spielberg’s game-changing dinosaur film debuted at #28 on the Billboard Charts. Now on the heels of Jurassic World‘s monstrous theatrical domination, that same song has resurfaced at No. 1:

On the strength of the recent box-office domination by the film’s sequel, “Jurassic World,” John Williams’ “Jurassic Park Theme” has jumped to No. 1 on Billboard’s Classic Digital Songs list — a “205 percent gain” after selling 3,000 copies last week, according to Nielsen Music.

John Williams has won five Oscars — amidst an abundance of other accolades — for the iconic movie scores he has delivered unto the masses over the past four decades. On the other side of the proverbial coin, however, lies Michael Giacchino. Who is that, you ask? He’s the composer behind Jurassic World‘s original soundtrack and his work currently sits at No. 126.

Maybe next time, Giacchino. Maybe next time.

(Via Business Insider)