Laura Jane Grace Got Topshop To Pull That $700 Jacket With Against Me’s Name

There’s something particularly egregious about high-end punk clothing. And that goes double for band merch made without the permission of the crusties in question. Topshop managed to do both with their $700 leather jacket covered in the logos of Against Me! and Southern California pop-punk lifers The Vandals (and so many studs). Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace caught wind of the jacket and used Twitter to remind the English chain about copyright.

“Hey Topshop, you’re selling a $700 leather jacket with my bands name on it and you have no permission,” she wrote. “Not cool.”

For their part, Topshop responded pretty quickly. The company explained to Grace in a reply on Twitter that they’ve pulled the jacket from their website and recalled the jackets for sale in its physical stores.

“Hi there, we’re looking into this,” they wrote. “We have removed the jacket from our website & are currently withdrawing from stores.”

You’d think by now folks would learn that it’s not cool to use intellectual property without its owner’s permission, especially if you’re a high-profile chain. In a similar story from a couple months ago, Justin Bieber was caught selling a Marilyn Manson shirt from Barney’s for $200.

We know it’s 2016 and Donald Trump has made a cottage industry out of pissing off rightsholders, but Topshop has been caught doing this before. Hopefully these stores will finally learn.

(Via Stereogum)

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