James Corden And Alanis Morissette Updated ‘Ironic’ And Now It’s Perfect For 2015

Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, with all of its hit singles and Uncle Joey rumors, is getting a 20-year anniversary re-release. And while the songs still hold up, things have changed a bit since 1995. Being that rained-out weddings and crashing flights are all from a bygone era, Alanis and James Corden decided that the lyrics to “Ironic” needed a touch up. So now traffic jams are happening “when you tried to use Waze,” and that no-smoking sign creeps up “when you brought out your vape.” Oh, and the whole “no ironies in ‘Ironic'” thing also got a shoutout, because we are self aware about that sort of thing these days.

But did you know we almost lost out on all of those songs? Alanis told Corden and LL Cool J about being held up at gun point and almost losing a purse with her copy of Jagged Little Pill lyrics inside. The thief instead opted to take cash while those lyrics would go on to fuel one of the highest-selling albums of the ’90s. I’m sure there’s a word to describe this scenario, but I’m at a loss for it.

(Via The Late Late Show with James Corden)

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