Hear 24-Year-Old Songwriter Alex Izenberg’s Marching, Jazzy Debut ‘To Move On’

Singer-songwriter Alex Izenberg wrote the majority of his upcoming debut album, Harlequin, on an ancient Yamaha upright at his friend’s house as he experienced the growing pains of transitioning from adolescence and adulthood. The first single, “To Move On,” shows the fruits of taking the time to compose music on a piano and pairing it with simple, yet moving lyrics tales of love and heartbreak. Los Angeles, where Izenberg is currently based, plays a major part as well by providing inspiration for the unique world the 24-year-old built in his imagination as he wrote the album. Today, he’s also shared the video for the track.

The whimsical “To Move On” is driven by Izenberg’s piano and brass section, complete with a prominent tuba. His beautiful, delicate vocals convey the painful feeling of trying… to move on from true love. You can hear the pain in his voice as he describes waking up groggy headed after sleeping in all day, depressed from attempting to deal with heartbreak. It all hurts so bad and is driving him to the point of madness. Anyone who’s been in any kind of close relationship has been there, but the truth is when you’re in the moment, it feels like the cloud will never clear.

Harlequin is due for release on 11/18 via Weird World. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Here’s the album’s tracklist:
1. “The Farm”
2. “Grace”
3. “Libra”
4. “Archer”
5. “Hot Is The Fire”
6. “Changes”
7. “To Move On”
8. “A Bird Came Down”
9. “The Moon”
10. “Waltz of the Roots”
11. “People”