Alex Jones’ Unhinged Rants Are Much More Enjoyable As Soothing, Bon Iver-Esque Indie Ballads

Alex Jones has been portrayed many different ways in the past years. His conspiracy theories have ruffled plenty of feathers over the years, his support of Donald Trump ruffled a few more after that, and his constant need to remove his shirt troubled anybody else that was left over. Now we can add indie pop songwriter Alex Jones to the list, where his rants provide the backbone to music that heals the soul and makes you question your local governing body.

The clip was put together by Nick Lutsko and Jesse Benjamin for SuperDeluxe and it’s a slice of perfection that really captures the Bon Iver feel while also making sure that Jones’ utter insanity is not lost within the music. When someone starts singing about politicians smelling like sulfur and being literal goblins and vampires sucking out our life forces, you know you’re in the middle of the Infowar. They even added the vintage tint often recognizable in Bon Iver videos in there for good measure. It’s pretty much a masterpiece, in other words.

Jones will likely enjoy this, though. He’s apparently one of those folks that loves attention wherever it comes from, including fine parody songs using his own crazed words.

(Via Super Deluxe)