Alicia Keys Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver And Surprises Unsuspecting Passengers

Imagine it’s just a regular day and looking to get to some destination as a part of your daily routine. You call for a ride from Lyft, and after a brief wait, you’re picked up and the journey begins. About halfway into the ride, you realize that your Lyft driver is far from your typical one, because they are actually Alicia Keys, one of the biggest musicians in the world.

That was exactly the case for a few unsuspecting passengers in Los Angeles recently. An exciting twist in their previously normal day, the passengers were all delighted to find out that Keys was the one behind the wheel, taking them to their destination in a new “Undercover Lyft” video.

Upon entering the vehicle, many of the passengers failed to realize the Grammy Award-winning singer was their driver. Even after Keys dropped recognizable references to keys songs in her career like “Fallin'” and “No One,” the passengers still didn’t catch on to what was going on.

After enough hints, Keys would eventually revealed her identity, which was met by a combination of surprise and excitement from the passengers, who were beyond happy to have met the singer.

Keys’ collaboration with Lyft comes just weeks after hosting the Grammy Awards. Both the hosting gig and the collaboration with Lyft serve as a great promo boost, as the singer is preparing to release her seventh album, Alicia, next month, on March 20.

Watch Keys surprise unsuspecting passengers above.

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