Allison Weiss’ Enormous Pop Anthem ‘Runaway’ Was Co-Written With Half Of Tegan & Sara

Contributing Writer

Allison Weiss’ massive indie-pop stunner “Runaway” sounds like a highway song for a world made of the bright colors and of an 8-bit classic. And that’s exactly what the lyric video for the new track is. The neon splashes and explosive shifts of the song are mirrored in the pixelated desert vistas that a jean-jacketed motorcyclist winds their way through.

The biker knows to much about video game lore to near the edge of the road in a game about driving through the desert. But “Runaway” a song for hugging the curves or maybe just hugging somebody. If you hear shades of “Closer” in the track, you’re not wrong. The song was co-written with Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara, and carries the same blown-out sonics and heart-out songwriting that makes that duo’s biggest work.

The track is the first we’ve heard from Weiss since her 2015 album New Love. But given that she’s out on the road — and releasing absolutely jaw-dropping pop anthems like this — we should probably expect to some more new material from her in the near future. With that being said, “Runaway” is more than enough to hold us over for the time being. Give it several listens up top.

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