AlunaGeorge Will Perform A Live Concert In The Game ‘Minecraft’

Sometimes the news can make you feel so ancient and want to go full Squidward, curled up into a ball and shouting “Futuuure!” Such is the case with the announcement that electropop duo AlunaGeorge will become the first band to play a concert inside the world of the popular building game Minecraft.

According to Norweigan news outlet The Local, the digital concert will coincide with a real-world show to kick off a tech conference in Hamar, Norway called The Gathering. The technology showcase posted a trailer for the Minecraft concert to Facebook. The video, which can be seen up top, shows blocky renditions of Deadpool, Adventure Time’s Finn and others running to get to AlunaGeorge’s stage as the duo’s “I’m in Control” plays.

The “You Know You Like It” band’s on-stage motions will be digitized and broadcast over Minecraft by a team of volunteers who will control block-based versions of the group.

“There have been plenty of other music experiences in the Minecraft universe, but not like this. This will be the world’s first live Minecraft concert,” said Gathering organizer Erik Heisholt in an interview with The Local.

Just like a normal gig, space will be limited. Heisholt expects that the server hosting the concert can handle between 2,000 and 3,000 people. And just like a normal gig, Minecraft street teams have taken to flyering areas in the game.

The concert kicks off at 4 p.m. EST on March 23.

(Via Rolling Stone)